Panohood for Fuji XF 18-55mm

I came to the idea of designing Panohood after searching a solution for wide angle photography.

The integrated panorama feature in X-E1, for instance, is nice but creates panoramas that are too wide. I find the Panohood a great solution for taking 2-7 pictures (for indoors I usually go for up to 5). Some people master taking handheld panoramas rotating themselves using their feet, but I would not rely on that when photographing interiors – most likely the panorama won’t be stitched. The Panohood works with vertical shots only as the position of the handle corresponds to the no-parallax point of the lens.

The photographer’s attention is required as holding of the handle should be relatively stable. So far, I have had no major problems stitching panoramas between shots. After two months of extensive testing I had only 2 cases when the panorama failed to combine.

In conclusion, I can say I am using the Panohood with great pleasure and it is definitely the solution for me as compact-style Fuji camera photographer.

Link to the product page:

Hi-res images of Panohood on Flickr

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