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Aleksandar Dimitrov creates simple, smart and practical designs often built on existing objects, be natural creations or prior products. Along the design skill set, Aleksandar is a coach and specialist in Rhino & V-Ray creating bespoke 3D visualizations and image editing of product and architectural projects.


Aleksandar would like to talk to you and find out how he can help on your project.

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What others say about Aleksandar

Nicolas Robin


Aleksandar Dimitrov réalise régulièrement des photographies de nos constructions dans toute la France et à l’étranger. Sa forte expérience en photographie et en retouches digitales, associée à une vraie sensibilité à l’architecture, lui permettent d’obtenir la meilleure qualité d’images pour une mise en valeur optimale de nos bâtiments.

Stefan Arens

Graphic designer / Cobra 5

Die Projekte werden sauber und Ordentlich ausgeführt. Nach einem kurzen Briefing bekommen man im angegeben Zeitfenster eine Voransicht und dann das fertige Render. Korrekturen sind jederzeit möglich und werden prompt durchgeführt. Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen.

Yvonne Larsson

Franchise/Salesmanager / The Real Estate Agency

Aleksandar Dimitrov, product designer & 3D expert, has been in cooperation with our company in taking some photos of apartments and houses we have for sale. He is really ambitious and professional person and nice and handsome to work with, and make lovely photos

Yvette Taylor, BFA, MBA


Aleksandar Dimitrov is a responsible 3D modeler and excellent computer rendering artist. During his time at Taylor Designer Studio- Palma de Mallorca, Aleksandar did amazing 3D computer models and photo realistic renderings for my clients – owners of luxury houses in Palma de Mallorca and Moscow. He specialized in fast and accurate converting of selected items and furnishings from a vast collections companies into 3D, which is he later using for composing luxury interior spaces in Art-Noveau, Art-Deco and Contemporary style. Beside his position as a 3D design expert, he was also demonstrating high-professionalism in layouts design and images retouch

Letitia Thian

/ JuJups

We outsourced some modeling work to Aleksandar to convert a 2D cartoon into a 3D relief model. He did a great job bringing to life a drawing into 3D, at the same time adhering to our specific requirements. Great guy and easy to work with!

Ruzha Karaatanasova

Deputy General Manager / Walltopia Ltd.

During his time with Walltopia Aleksandar proved to be a very responsible and reliable person. He was always committed to his tasks and strived to meet the deadlines and the expectations set by our clients. Aleksandar excelled in the design of climbing walls many of which went directly into the production and were installed all over the world. At a personal level Aleksandar strikes me as a passionate designer with a professional approach which has allowed him to master 3d modeling and the rendering of photo realistic presentations. I would gladly work with Aleksandar again and would very much recommend him for any job that fits his highly developed skillset

Mag.art. Barry John Hewson

Founder & Dean (retired) / New Design University, Austria

Aleksandar Dimitrov studied Product & Furniture Design at the New Design Centre in St. Poelten, Austria, graduating with a well earned honours degree awarded by our internationally recognized academic partner KINGSTON UNIVERSITY (London, UK). He profiled himself as an intelligent, sensitive student and developed his natural skills to become an excellent designer. During the last years of his study programme, Mr Dimitrov worked for me as a tutor and coach for digital visualization, specializing in teaching the 3-D rendering software RHINOCEROS to basic and advanced students. His contribution was most valuable. Aleksandar Dimitrov proved to be a competent teacher, in constant demand by a constant flow of attentive and grateful students. I am personally proud of the progress that Aleksandar made during his stay in Austria – and particularly happy to hear that he has returned to his home country to begin a promising career as a designer. His work is innovative and profound. I am sure that he will be very successful. Based on the excellent results which Mr Dimitrov achieved as a student and as a teaching assistant, I do not hesitate to recommend him for any creative challenge. With his personal charm and integrity, combined with exceptional talent as a designer, Aleksandar Dimitrov would be a valuable addition to any development team

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