Free Rhino3d Models

A personal growing collection of 3D NURBS models for Rhino by Aleksandar Dimitrov. The models here are free to use. Please don’t redistribute them but give a credit with a link to Appreciated!

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  • Ozono

    Very good models. Im new in Rhino, and this is inspiration for me. Great Job.

  • isnardo uribe

    Very good, thanks. I am from colombia.

  • isnardo uribe

    Gracias, tiene comedor y sillas?
    desde colombia

  • xuzhengjin

    very good!

  • Claudo

    Muy buen trabajo.

  • Sam Hall

    thanks mn

  • Leon

    Very Nice! Good Models. Very useful.
    Where can i find models of Lamp Stands for bedlamps turned from wood?

  • Ivan

    Thanks for sharing,
    it helps me understand how things works in Rhino!

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