The Clip On Vase

is an accessory bringing double functionality to an IKEA Pokal glass, so that it can be also used as a vase.

The shape has been optimized so that it uses as little material as possible without compromising the functionality of the product.

High resolution images of The Clip on vase can be found on Flickr
Rhinoceros, Grasshopper and Waverbird were used for the design and the 3D modeling process.

The shape of “Clip on vase” required a generative/parametric modeling process which is described in video tutorial on my blog

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Clip on vase is produced from polyamide with fine surface texture, also known as strong & flexible material- allowing extension and shrinkage of the vase during the clip.
Product dimensions are: 9/9/6 cm
Supported glass: IKEA Pokal

Clip on vase using Ikea glass

A simple click is required to convert your glass into an aesthetically pleasing vase.


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Press and customers on Clip on vase:

”3D printed clip on vase modifies drinking glass”

”This Clever Piece Of Plastic Transforms Any Glass Into A Vase”

”..definitiv eine praktische Erweiterung der gegebenen Möglichkeiten. Der im 3D Druck erstellte Aufsatz macht im Handumdrehen aus dem klassischen Trinkglas Pokal eine solide Vase”

”Clever Clip-On Vases -This Extension Fits onto IKEA Glasses to Provide Extra Functionality”

”You don’t have a vase. Your apartment is filled with Ikea furniture…It’s aesthetically pleasing, and will hold a few fresh flowers either from your hot date, or just those flowers you grabbed at the supermarket on the way home to make your apartment look a little more cheerful”

”Met deze Clip on vase maak je van jouw glas een bloemenvaas”