Screw thread Rhinoceros

In this screen cast I explain how to design a standard screw thread within Rhinoceros by using the BoltGen plug-in.  This technique works amazingly well and I had no problems to screw the expected bolt into my 3d printed quick release plate for Fuji X-E1/E2 Many thanks to Ray McKaig for this outstanding work!  

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Before & After – architectural visualization

Architectural visualization & image manipulation 3D modeling – Rhinoceros rendering – Vray for Rhino image retouch – Photoshop CC

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Panohood for Fuji XF 18-55mm

I came to the idea of designing Panohood after searching a solution for wide angle photography. The integrated panorama feature in X-E1, for instance, is nice but creates panoramas that are too wide. I find the Panohood a great solution for taking 2-7 pictures (for indoors I usually go for up to 5). Some people […]

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Helios 58/2 on Fuji X-E1

updated… I got recently Helios 44-3 MC version, 58mm f2 and purchased a M42 to FX adapter for 10€ from (delivery to France took 1 month) After attaching the lens using the adapter, make sure “Shoot without lens” on your X-E1 menu is ON. The focus is manual only and although I don’t have experience […]

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Clip on vase ikea glass on white

Clip on vase- digital creation screencast

I have prepared a screencast of how I digitally designed Clip on vase using Rhinoceros 3D, Grasshopper and Waverbird. This is a 10 minute video tutorial of the 3d modeling workflow I used just before sending the model for 3D printing. Click here if you want to see high- resolution images of the “Clip on vase” […]

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minimalist vase with pencils

Pencil vase

I have recently launched Pencil vase- a minimalist style vase using 3 hexagonal pencils gently supporting few small flowers in combination with any glass. The corner piece is produced by 3D printing technology and optimized to work with standard hexagonal pencils like BIC, Stabilo, etc. During the development of Pencil vase few prototypes were 3Dprinted […]

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Welcome to my blog!

I will share here my expertise and experience on all aspects of my work covering fields like Product design, Visualisation, 3D modeling and Photography. I plan to write tutorials which will hopefully be useful to 3D designers & Visualization artists using Rhino3d, Vray for Rhino, Grasshopper; there will also be posts on photography techniques, image […]

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