this adjustable minimalist style lampshade is designed for E27 socket.
Combining aesthetic and protective function, Bomba stands out with a simple shape and attenuated three dimensional pattern.

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Product dimensions are: 7.9 x 7.9 x 9 cm
Available in white, black and limited edition colors.
It’s recommended to be used with LED bulbs only.

The bulb can be partially or entirely hidden by screwing the shade further.


Printed in 3D from polyamide with fine surface texture and using minimal material, the design required use of a generative modeling plug-in for Rhino3D called Grasshopper.

(on the picture above: Bomba, LEDARE – LED bulb E27 by Ikea, cord set SEKOND by Ikea)
Photography @ Alex Dimtirov / Alex Dimitrov photographe

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